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Lesson 5


The words CULT and CULTIST are often seen as controversial by society and inspire images of David Koresh, the Manson ‘family’, drinking the kool-aid and Scientology.

But the facts are so much more illuminating...


The broadness of the question, the confusion of the topic, and the sense of fear many people have at the simple mention of the term demands a longer answer to the question.

CULT, defined, is:

cult definition.png

It is derived from the French word CULTE                                                                           

It has its roots, as most words do, in Latin, in the adjective CULTUS                        


The Latin verb from which CULTUS is derived is COLERE                             


Interestingly the English word CULTURE also comes from the Latin word CULTUS












It is apparent that there is actually very little negative connotation here.

You see, the word CULT is controversial because it has become a subjective term used as an ad hominem attack against groups with different doctrines.


But it is important to understand the roots of these words, as well as their current definitions and, most importantly of all, their intended meanings. Just because a word may be fleetingly negative to a portion of society today does not mean that it is in fact a negative word.


The Cult of Cthulhu is not a cult in the modern sense. It is one in the traditional sense.

It is important to understand this as a Cultist.

Cultists are not in a cult as today’s society happens to see it, they are in a cult as history has seen it in the past and how history will see it in the future.

And for those who can not see past the word: we are grateful!
For someone who is so close-minded so as to not be able to understand this, is one whose mind is so closed that they could never become a successful Cultist anyway.

Use the facts.

Use your reason.

And open your mind.


Try to memorize the information in this lesson. Remember that the word CULT actually comes from a word that meant TO CARE or CULTIVATE. Even today there is nothing negative in the dictionary about the word. These are facts. Use these facts if someone ever flinches at the title around you.

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